Sales Growth No Respite for US Housing

US housing market watchers poured over a 7.7% increase in existing home sales in August. This is certainly a positive indicator; it is just unfortunate that the number of homes coming onto the market grew equally as fast thanks to foreclosures
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Lloyds Announce Sell-Off £1bn in Bad Loans

In a sign that it is accelerating the process of offloading its £24bn bad loan book, Lloyds has announced a sell-off of £1bn worth of bad property loans.
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New York Foreclosure Numbers Falling

Foreclosure Numbers in the city of New York have declined for three consecutive months. There were just 69 residential properties up for auction in August, a decrease of 7% from July and of a massive 70% from last August
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Gulf Developers Focus on Affordable Housing by Hook or by Crook

Property developers in the Gulf have changed their focus, and are now looking towards building more affordable housing. The main motivation is financial, but many governments are also actively “encouraging” the move
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Indonesians Are Major Buyers of Singapore Property

According to the Singaporean authorities, Indonesians are one of the top foreign buyers of local property. The data from the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority shows...
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$170 Billion Worth of Construction Contracts Cancelled in UAE

Some $170 billion worth of construction contracts were cancelled in the UAE in August, a 13% increase on July. August also saw a 7% in projects in the pipeline to a total of $175 billion worth
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US Foreclosures Rising Again

US foreclosures have risen again in August as more and more US homeowners fall behind on their mortgage payments according to the latest data from Realty Trac
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Romania Housing Market Crash Makes up for Lost Time

After 2 years of severe decline and a drop of up to 47% in 2010, the recent performance of Romanian property prices has experts worried that the market is in for a prolonged downturn
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Australian Property Prices Fall Fastest since 2009

Property prices in Australia are falling at their fastest rate for more than two years, meanwhile banks and developers pin their hopes on data showing the market has a current shortfall of around 200,000 homes
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Paris Property Price Growth Breaks 20y Record

After Knight Frank found prices in Paris rising faster than any other leading city in its first Prime Global Cities index earlier this year growth in the city of romance did not stop
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