Malta House Prices Falling Again

Malta house prices fell 2.6% in the first quarter according to the latest data from the country's central bank in its advertised residential property price index.
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Property Prices in Slovenia Maybe Making a Comeback

It looks as if property prices in Slovenia may finally be recovering, even though the evidence is somewhat conflicting.
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Increasing Numbers of Brazilians Buying Miami Property

Miami Association of Realtors has reported that 9% of residential property transactions in 2010 had a Brazilian buyer, and that figure is projected to increase to 20% this year.
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French Property Prices Continue to Climb

Property prices in France are continuing to rise, and have now increased by five consecutive quarters according to a report from French estate agents
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Japanese House Builders Entering Korean Property Market

Japanese house builders are beginning to make considerable inroads into the Korean property market, especially with detached homes, which are wooden houses built in a factory in Japan and relocated to Korea
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Sahl Hasheesh Marina Construction about to Begin

Orascom Development and Egyptian Resorts will begin construction of the Sahl Hasheesh Marina by the fourth quarter of 2011. The duo are currently looking for construction firms able to complete the project
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New Zealand Homes Need to Become More Affordable

According to the Reserve Bank in New Zealand, policy makers should focus on housing supply; on making housing more affordable so as to meet demand
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Greek Apartment Prices Fall by 4.5% Year-On-Year

According to the Greek Central bank, the continued recession saw residential apartment prices fall a further 4.5% year-on-year during the second quarter of 2011
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Chinese Officials Plan to Build Housing Database

Officials in China are to build a database giving information on property ownership. The database will share information amongst 40 cities, and should reveal who is buying several properties in these cities
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Fears of Oversupply and Falling House Prices in Australia

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that survived the global recession relatively unscathed, but now there are new fears that the property market here is oversupplied and that house prices will fall
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