Strength of Swiss Franc Affecting Eastern European Property Markets

The rising value of the Swiss Franc against both the US dollar and the Euro is causing problems for eastern Europeans who have taken out mortgages in Swiss Francs
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Foreign Demand Increasing in Johannesburg Property Market

Recent reports tell of increasing numbers of properties in Johannesburg being bought by foreigners, predominantly from other African countries including Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria, as well as buyers from India and China
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Private Property Investors Favouring North East Brazil

Once again north east Brazil is proving popular with overseas property investors. The latest report, from The Move tells us that 54.6% of enquiries about Brazil properties on their site in the last year were for property in Rio Grande Do Norte (AKA...
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Worries about Oversupply in Penang Property Market

Penang in Malaysia has a number of projects planned over the next 10 to 15 years which are worth around US$9 billion, but there are concerns over the ability of the market to sustain this amount of new development
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Australia Considers Introducing Energy Star Rating for Homes

The Australian federal government is thinking about introducing new measures which would make energy Star ratings for homes being sold or rented mandatory
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Canadian Property Market Not Slowing Yet Says CREA

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the property market here isn't slowing down just yet. It says that, even though the average price of a home fell $10,000 in July compared to January, prices are still 9.3% higher than a year ago
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Dutch Property Market Proving Sluggish

Despite recovering well from recession, now with a stable economy and low inflation the Dutch property market is still sluggish
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Spain Slashes Tax to Boost Property Market

The Spanish government has recently announced it will halve the property tax, and hopefully this will boost the housing market
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Property Prices in Beijing and Shanghai Finally Stop Rising

It looks as if the cooling measures implemented by the Chinese government are having the desired effect, as property prices in Shanghai and Beijing have stopped rising for the first time this year.
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Britons Seeking a Better Lifestyle in France

France has always been a popular destination for second home buyers, and people looking to purchase investment property, but now it looks as if increasing numbers of Britons are choosing to move there permanently
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