Sales of Residential Property in Singapore Increase

Sales of private homes in Singapore increased by 17%, following a drop of 25% on the previous month
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US Shift from Home-Owning to Renting Reviving Market

Last week we had a report from the investment management organisation the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) that the switch away from the American dream of home-buying to acceptance of renting would be a revitalising force in the US housing market, ...
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Swedish House Prices 4th Consecutive Monthly Slide

Swedish house prices fell 2% on the month in July according to the latest data from Swedish real estate statistics website Mäklarstatistik. Flat prices fell 6%.
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Foreign Property Investors to Pounce in Vietnam

Foreign property investors are expected to benefit from the tightening of monetary policies in Vietnam, not least because of the disadvantage they put local companies at.
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US Economist Predicts Australian Prices Could Fall up to 60pc

A US economist has addressed the elephant in the room of the Australian housing market, saying that property in the country is up to 60% overvalued and predicting a crash of the magnitude seen in Australia 20 years ago
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UK House Prices: the Second Dip is Nigh

UK housing market bears have been predicting a second dip crash from almost the moment it became clear that the first dip crash was over but now it seems more likely than ever
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Pheonix & Atlanta to See Surging New Home Sales, Barclays Capital

I have just read a report in Bloomberg in which Barclays Capital have laid out why Phoenix and Atlanta are to be the two best markets in the US for the sale of newly built homes, giving details of which builders are set to benefit most from the upturns in sale...
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Russians becoming Dominant Force in Turkish Property Sales

According to a report in Turkish news website the National Turk, British property owners on the Aegean coast are selling up en masse because of the looming European financial crisis. The report said that Russians are stepping up as buyers for the properties.
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US Foreclosures at 4 Yr Low, but No Recovery Yet

Is this a sign of hope at last for the US housing market. According to well respected foreclosure researchers Realty Trac foreclosures fell 35% last month, taking them to a 4 year low
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New Education Laws Set to Boost Taipei Property Market

New education laws are to be introduced in Taipei in 2014 which will extend the current nine-year compulsory education to 12 years
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