Reuters Poll Suggests Dubai Prices Have Further to Go

The majority of people surveyed in a new Reuters poll believe the property market in Dubai has no chance of recovering this year, a 25% chance of recovery next year, and a 50% chance of recovery for 2013
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New Figures Suggest US Property Market Beginning to Stabilise

Although sales of new single-family homes were down in June, an increase in prices and declining supply does suggest the market is finally beginning to stabilise
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Investment in European Retail Property Increases by 34%

Investment into retail property in Europe during the second quarter of this year increased by 34% compared to last year, totalling €4.9 billion, according to figures from Jones Lang LaSalle
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Canadian Property Market Set for a Period of Stability

The property market in Canada has been relatively volatile over the past few years, but now it looks as if it is settling into a more stable period of activity.
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Active Miami Housing Market Shows Price Rises

The housing market in Miami is showing the greatest level of activity for five years, and prices of non-distressed property are beginning to increase, according to a new report from Douglas Elliman.
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Indonesian Boom Hampered by Restrictions on Foreign Ownership

Although property prices are increasing in Indonesia, there are still several things which are hampering real growth within the market. One of the most important factors is the restriction on foreign property ownership.
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House Prices in Hanoi Slump

Residential property prices in Hanoi are dropping, and it is rapidly becoming a buyers’ market, especially for those looking to purchase new property as they are increasingly being offered incentives
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Latest June Figures Show Increase in US Foreclosures

According to figures from RealtyTrac, there was a 4% increase in foreclosure filings, bank repossessions and auction sale notices compared to May
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Concerns That Brazilian Economy May Have Peaked

Last year the Brazilian economy grew by 7.5%, compared with just 2.8% in the US, and it has been expanding on average around 5% a year. This has led some investors and economists to say the economy may have peaked
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International Investors Fuel Miami Condo Boom

Whereas in the past many of the Miami condos were bought by US consumers, using 90% for 100% mortgages, most of today's buyers are foreign and are purchasing with cash
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