US Housing Affordability at 30yr High in all 50 States

US housing is more affordable than at any time in the last 30 years in all 50 US states, according to a new study presented at the 2011 Realtors Conference in Anaheim, California
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US Delinquency Rate Falls but Not out of Woods Yet

Falling delinquency rates is good news, buy with the foreclosure inventory still rising the US housing market is not out of the woods yet
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Second Homeowners in Goa Could Face New Tax

It looks as if investors and owners of holiday homes in Goa could be hit by a new tax which it is estimated could add as much as $10,000 to yearly running costs
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CBRE to Begin Investing in Chinese Property Market

CBRE Global Investors, who manage $94.8 billion of property assets, are looking at making their first investment in the Chinese housing market for four years, as they are anticipating the government will start easing restrictions on buying property very soon
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New Zealand Salvage Companies Ship Earthquake Timber to Auckland

Salvage companies are reclaiming thousands of metres of native timber from earthquake damaged buildings in Christchurch and are shipping it to Auckland.
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Wealthy Eat Vienetta but Miss-a-Trick with Vienna?

With the price of gold now sky high, and the value of cash plummeting by the day in most countries, property is a safe asset to store wealth in. But Vienna is looking like a safe-haven that may have been overlooked.
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Italian Bailout Looking Inevitable as Borrowing Costs hit New Record

With the yield on 10 year Italian government bonds now at 7%, the level at which Greece, Portugal and Ireland were forced to ask for a bailout, it is looking increasingly inevitable that Italy will be forced to make the same request.
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Spanish Property Down but Murcia Bucking Trend

In the year ending the third quarter of 2011 Spanish house prices fell by 5.6% according to the heavily criticised official department of housing index.
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Mauritius Builds Low Priced Resorts to Attract Investment

Mauritius is well known as being a prime holiday destination, but now developers and the government have teamed up to build plush integrated resorts developments and sell at lower prices, in the hope of attracting wealthy property investors.
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Taiwan Housing Market Looking Like Trouble

To call the Taiwan housing market sluggish is a bit of an under-statement, with new construction volume and value down 20% and 40% respectively last month compared to September
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