Languedoc-Roussillon – The ‘Real South of France’

Stretching from Provence to the Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon is a region of southern France popular with tourists and holiday homebuyers for its distinctive Mediterranean charm, mild year-round weather, beautiful scenery and attractive price bracket.


Increasingly fashionable amongst property buyers the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France offers a more affordable alternative to its neighbour Provence. With one of the sunniest climates in France, excellent transport links and endless stretches of beaches, the region has become a sought after destination for those looking to relocate, or looking for a second home in the sun.

Nicknamed “The Real South of France”, there are two sides to the region. Home to numerous cultural and historical sites, including five structures listed on the UNESCO world heritage list, as well as modern resorts that attract lively visitors there is something for everyone in this authentic French destination.

languedoc-roussillon vineyard propertiesOne of the biggest draws to Languedoc-Rousillion are the vineyards. The seemingly endless rows of vines are some of the oldest in France and stretch for thousands of acres from the banks of the Rhone to the foothills of the Pyrénées. It is for this reason that vineyard properties in Languedoc-Roussillon are becoming increasingly popular amongst wine enthusiasts looking to purchase property in France.

Just a 2 hour flight from London and only a short distance from Montpellier Airport, the region is easily accessible and well-connected to the UK and the rest of the world.

With a buoyant property market and an average property price of €180,000, Languedoc-Rousillon represents excellent value for money. The region is especially performing well with international buyers, who, quite rightly, simply fall in love with the area.


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