16th Annual St Kitts Music Festival Deemed A Success

10 July 2012

The multi genre mix of musicians that attended this year's St Kitts music festival had the standards set really high before anyone even stepped foot onto a stage.  The festival draws hundreds if not thousands of people to the islands every year, and for those who have invested in real estate St Kitts the music festival sees their bookings soar every time the festival rolls around.  2012 marks the 16th year that the festival has taken place here and every year the numbers of people attending gets bigger and bigger and the acts that grace the stages get even more eclectic, from home grown local talent to international headline acts.


Starting With a Bang

Warner Park Stadium was the venue for the opening night on the 28th June, and showcased the very best in Soca and Calypso.  The bands had their enthralled audiences eating out of their hands and groups like the Spectrum Band wowed the crowds with their incredible musical multiplicity, performing in a range of different musical styles.  Whilst the three time winners of the Virgin Islands Carnival Road March delivered an almost explosive performance which really got the festival in full swing, Edwin Yearwood, lead singer with the Krosfyah Band had his audience right where he wanted them as he completed his set on stage.


Musical Heritage

Despite the recent economic downturn suffered by many nations there were still plenty of sponsors and organisations stepping forward to ensure that the festival was a resounding success.  The Minister for state in charge of tourism was keen to explain to willing listeners that music is integral to life in the Caribbean and always has been.  It is through events like the annual musical festival that people who do not usually live on the islands get a taste of the true Caribbean and how music flows through its people like blood.  Anyone residing in the luxury holiday real estate St Kitts has to offer will now know what it feels like to feel the beat that drives the islands and makes life here so colourful and enjoyable.  Plans for the 2013 festival are already underway.

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