2011 Starts Time to Shine for Hurghada Property

03 June 2011

We have been hearing about Hurghada property more and more lately. When overseas property first went mainstream in the mid-noughties Hurghada was barely heard about, and even its more mature neighbour, Sharm el-Sheikh was a fringe idea at best. In recent years the latter has become a hugely popular tourist resort, and also a lot more popular among overseas property buyers. Hurghada had begun to grow in its shadow as the next hotspot.

But now though, Hurghada is really coming into its own and people are realising that it was never really in Sharm's shadow at all. The Independent has just dedicated a huge editorial to Hurghada, to its differences from Sharm and to what makes it better, as well as a little about what isn't quite so good.

"If they expect the traditional Red Sea mix of luxury hotels on the waterfront with a hinterland of tourist bars and bazaars, they're in the wrong place: Hurghada functions as a community in its own right. Its traditional city centre, Dahar, is far more Egyptian - proper market, bazaars and shisha cafes - than the rather sterile international resorts over on the Sinai peninsula such as Sharm El Sheikh. And, unlike Sharm, its day-to-day existence is comparatively unchanged by recent events," writes the reporter, Andrew Eames.

The article goes on to explain that Sharm has been dragged into the Egyptian turmoil because it is where Mubarak's holiday villa is, which he came to stay in after being ousted. It then features several of what it calls satellite-resorts; new resorts springing up around Hurghada's coastline.

Most importantly the Independent paints a picture of a part of the Red Sea Riviera that has something for everyone, culture, food, great beaches, long season, and something for everyone's budget as well. Hurghada is too often known as a place to buy cheap property, but in these new resorts we are moving up a grade and getting high luxury that while not cheap is certainly a lot less expensive than you'd find in any of the mature mainstream destinations with anywhere near as much to offer.

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