A Guide to Visiting a Turkish Bath

20 December 2010

If you have decided to make the move to Turkey and you have invested in a property for sale in Bodrum, you will likely find yourself experiencing some of the traditional aspects of Turkish culture in your new home. One of the most enjoyable and luxurious traditions here is the Turkish Bath. They are also called a 'Hamam' and they are a place to cleanse oneself and perhaps also receive a massage or drink therapeutic tea. These relaxing hot baths are so strengthening and rejuvenating that they are almost enough of a reason to invest in a property for sale in Bodrum by themselves! If you have never been to a Turkish Bath before, here is a guide of appropriate behaviour.


  • When you first arrive, you will be given a 'camekan' which is a private changing booth where you can store your clothing. You will be provided with a towel wrap and slippers to wear while you are in the baths. Some baths supply shampoos and soap, and others don't so you might want to bring your own. You are expected to wear the robe given, as it is not appropriate to go naked in the baths.


  • Most baths have separate times for men and women, so make sure you are there at the right time for your gender.


  • The first step is a visit to the hot sauna, which will relax your muscles and make you sweat, which cleanses the dirt and impurities from your pores.


  • If you choose, an attendant can give you a Turkish massage, which is very relaxing, good for circulation, and helpful if you have stiff muscles.


  • After the hot room, the next phase is a room that is slightly cooler but still warm, where an attendant will scrub your skin with a special exfoliating cloth that will slough off any dead skin and leave your body feeling soft and silky.


  • The next room is cool, and you will be provided more towels to wrap around yourself. You can sit and relax in this room and drink tea if you like.


Frequent visits to a Turkish bath will keep you relaxed and healthy, and leave your skin looking fresh and youthful, which is one of the great advantages of living in a property for sale in Bodrum.


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Written by Michael Reilly

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