Affordable Euros & an improving market makes for an attractive proposition for overseas buyers.

09 July 2015

With prices in popular destinations in Europe still low, and the most favourable exchange rate since December 2007, international purchasers haven’t had it so good for more than seven years.


Average asking prices across Spain are now reported to be levelling out at €234,000 – 16% below those recorded in 2005 (Source:


The property market in Spain is beginning to turn, with average asking prices increasing up to 7% in H1 2015 (Source:


To benefit from excellent exchange rates, international purchasers are recommended to use a currency specialist when exchanging money and sending it abroad – you’ll get better rates than your bank, and fix an exchange rate for a later transfer, using a forward contract. This means you can fix the price in pounds of your foreign property purchase and know it won’t change before completion.


If you are considering a Spanish property purchase in 2015 or the near future, whether for a second home, holiday home or purely as an investment, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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