American Real Estate Presenting Hot Rental Opportunities

13 July 2011

American real estate is a better opportunity now than it has been for years, in fact according to many analysts America presents some of the finest investment opportunities in the world.


One of America's biggest strengths at the moment is the potential to earn high yields on residential investments, which will also perform strongly in terms of capital growth over the long term as well. Millions of foreclosures mean low prices, but they also mean millions of renters and this combination is a golden opportunity, especially in the worst hit locations.


CNN has just published a top 10 chart of the best cities for such investments, and surprisingly Florida was not in Position 1. The chart went:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Detroit
  3. Warren (Michigan)
  4. Orlando (Florida)
  5. Bakersfield (California)
  6. Tampa (Florida)
  7. Phoenix
  8. Fort Lauderdale (Florida)
  9. Rochester (N.Y.)
  10. Stockton (California)

The cities were ranked by estimated future returns compared with the projected national average return. According to Local Market Monitor's data, for example, investors in Las Vegas who rent out the properties they buy now will have a 4.7% higher return than the 5.3% national average.


High rental yields are necessary to lure investors, because according to the consensus of analysts prices are to fall further before recovering.

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