Appealing to the Senses to Sell Your Holiday Property - Sight

11 February 2011

While you are showing your property for sale in Bodrum to interested buyers, it is important to make sure that all five of their senses are pleased. Sight is one of the main senses that we use to make decisions, and many people will judge a property for sale in Bodrum by the initial impression they have gathered after the first few seconds of looking at it. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that this impression is a good one. Here are some tips for improving the look of your holiday home:


  • First Impressions are everything. This starts with when the potential buyer approaches your home from the road, so work on your 'curb appeal'. Plant beautiful flowers in your garden, and choose an attractive mailbox. You can create a pathway up to your door with stones or tiles, and even place sculptures or interesting rocks in your garden. Check to see if your front door needs a new coat of paint, or your windows need cleaning.


  • When it comes to colour, less is more. You want your interior decor to be bright and attractive, but if you overwhelm the viewer with too many bright colours it can look tacky. Instead, invest in a few quality accent pieces such as a nice painting, a throw, or some silk cushions to use as highlights and keep everything else neutral.


  • Use light to your advantage. A dreary and dark room will be hard to see, and will not be very attractive to your potential buyer. Light up your rooms by opening the curtains and letting the sun shine in!


Once you have spruced up the look of your property for sale in Bodrum, your potential buyers will fall in love with it at first sight!



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