Appealing to the Senses to Sell Your Holiday Property

11 February 2011

Making your Cape Verde property attractive to all five senses is one of the ways you can ensure a great impression in the mind of your potential buyers or renters. If you are showing your Cape Verde property to someone who might choose to purchase it or rent it from you, you can create an atmosphere that is welcoming and pleasing to the senses. Constructing this ideal sensory environment will improve their perception of your holiday home and make them more likely to choose it.

It is easy to create pleasant sights, sounds, smells and even feelings in your home, but you might be stuck when it comes to taste. A prospective buyer or renter isn't going to be licking the walls of your Cape Verde property, so what does it mean to appeal to their sense of taste? Instead of focusing on the house, this sensory element will have to focus more on the unique cuisine of the region.

When your potential buyers or tenants arrive, you can offer them a glass of local wine to sip as they have a look around the house or sit and chat with you. Not only is this good hospitality, but it will give them a chance to sample the excellent Cape Verde wine. Have an alternate beverage such as fruit juice available in case they do not drink alcohol.

When showing off the kitchen, you can highlight all of the cooking facilities to get your prospective renters or buyers thinking about all of the delicious traditional Cape Verde meals that they can cook at your Cape Verde property. If there is a great local market, butcher, or seafood shop nearby, let them know! Don't be afraid to have a few nice snacks out for people to nibble on as they look around.

Appealing to the sense of taste will complete the sensory experience and create a lovely overall atmosphere in your Cape Verde property.

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