Appealing to the Senses to Sell Your Holiday Property - Touch

11 February 2011

When showing your Cape Verde property to potential buyers or renters, you can make it more appealing to them by making sure that the property is pleasant to all five of the senses. We use our senses to perceive the outside world and make decisions, whether we realize it consciously or not. If you can create an atmosphere in your Cape Verde property that appeals to the senses, you will find your prospective purchasers or renters will respond positively.

Of course, touch is one of the most subtle of these senses, but it is still important in completing the full experience. Touch is all about how things feel, and you want your Cape Verde property to feel comfortable, luxurious and inviting for those who are entering for the first time.

Temperature - A big part of comfort is temperature. If your air conditioning is too high, the people who are viewing your home will be cold and uncomfortable. If there is not enough air conditioning or air flow, it will be hot and stuffy which is also unpleasant. Find the perfect balance.

Fabrics and other textures - A big part of touch is texture. In your living room, add velvet throw pillows, high quality upholstery, and thick, fluffy carpet to create a feeling of luxury. The kitchen can have smooth, sleek textures such as stainless steel appliances and stone countertops. These elements of texture can make your interiors feel rich and expensive, even if they are not.

Comfort - Of course, before they choose to rent or purchase your holiday home, your potential customers will want to sit down on the sofa and lie down on the bed. They are testing how these things will feel, so make sure that they are as comfortable as possible.

If you are looking for Cape Verde property, check the Select Resorts website for all the information you will need to find the best holiday home for you. 

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