Appealing to the Senses to Sell Your Property in Fethiye - Smell

11 February 2011

When showing your property for sale in Fethiye, it is important to engage all of the five senses of your potential buyer. The sense of smell is one of the most crucial senses to appeal to, as it is very associated with likes and dislikes in the human brain.


If a potential buyer walks into your property for sale in Fethiye and is greeted by a smell that they find unpleasant, they will immediately be turned off from purchasing. On the contrary, an enjoyable smell can put the buyer in a good mood and help add to a positive impression of your property for sale in Fethiye.


The first step to preparing your holiday home to smell great is to give it a top to bottom thorough cleaning. Often, holiday homes abroad get left unoccupied for months at a time, which can leave them smelling musty and stale. Open all of the windows to air out the house, and clean everything, including the furniture and the carpets. You might consider investing in a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service, which will get rid of all trapped odours and leave everything smelling fresh.


A better idea than artificial smelling air fresheners is to leave the windows open while showing off your property for sale in Fethiye. The fresh smells of the flowers and warm Turkish air outside will be better than any spray you can buy.


Many real estate experts swear that the smell of baking coming from the kitchen can really help to sell a home, so why not have a loaf of bread or some biscuits in the oven when showing off the house. Not only will they create a welcoming scent, but you will have a snack to offer your potential buyer after showing them around!


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