Biggest Mistakes When Advertising Your Property for Sale in Turkey

11 February 2011

Do you have a property for sale in Turkey, but you are becoming frustrated because no one is responding to your listings or showing any interest? You know that your property for sale in Turkey is beautiful, in good shape, and in an ideal location, so you just don't understand why you are not getting any inquiries?


The problem might not be with the actual property for sale in Turkey itself, but with the internet site that you are using to advertise it. If there are problems with your online listing, your potential buyers will become annoyed and click off, before they even get to realize how great your property is!


Here are some of the more common online blunders and how to fix them:


  • Too much text - Online searchers often don't have the patience to read through pages and pages of text on the internet, especially since reading on a screen is hard on the eyes to begin with. If your descriptions are too long they will simply not be read. Instead of an essay, focus on a few of the best features of your property and write about them clearly in a handful of short paragraphs.


  • Too small text - Many people investing in holiday homes are senior citizens, who will struggle reading tiny text. Try increasing the font size to make your page more readable.


  • Your page is not print friendly - Often your potential buyers will want to print off the information from your online listing so that they can look it over with their significant other. Make this easy for them to do so by tweaking your page so that it is readable when it prints. You can test it by printing it out yourself.


  • You are missing crucial information - Make sure your listing is completely filled out, so that your potential buyer won't have any questions or confusion about your property for sale in Turkey.


Improving your online real estate listing will help get more people interested in your property, and hopefully lead to a successful sale.


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Select Resorts have been leaders in the holiday real estate industry for over 25 years, and they are happy to answer any of your questions about property for sale in Turkey.

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