Britons Seeking a Better Lifestyle in France

19 August 2011

France has always been a popular destination for second home buyers, and people looking to purchase investment property, but now it looks as if increasing numbers of Britons are choosing to move there permanently. Much of the appeal centres on the fact that it is possible to have a complete change of lifestyle without completely breaking the bank.


Many of those choosing to move to France now find life in Britain too stressful, and are unable to afford the kind of property that offers them the self-sufficiency and eco-friendly lifestyle they would like. Agencies who specialise in sourcing properties for British buyers have reported a definite shift towards homes in the country with enough land to enable self-sufficiency and a greener and more relaxed pace of life. In Britain, these options are only available for the very wealthy; while in France it is possible to buy reasonably priced property with land which is ready for cultivation.


Apparently the Limousin and Languedoc regions are proving most popular, as properties here can be bought for as little as €150,000 to €200,000. The north of the Dordogne is also proving extremely popular, and this Green Perigord region not only enjoys spectacular scenery, but is also one of the most affordable regions in France, and buyers here really can experience traditional French rural life.


France is also seen as something of a safe haven, as property here hasn't suffered the same kinds of price falls as in other parts of the Eurozone. Although prices here are unlikely to rise dramatically in the future, property does look like a good long-term investment.


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