Business Practices in Portugal Have Improved - According to Recent Report

10 December 2010

The Doing Business 2011 Report is an annual global examination of approximately 183 countries throughout the world. It assesses the business practices and procedures of the countries and ranks them accordingly. The most recent report shows clearly that doing business in Portugal has improved dramatically in recent times. The Doing Business report was published online in early November, and demonstrates that Portugal has moved up the ranks from 48th place to 31st place, an overall increase of 17 positions.

The report shows that Portugal stands out especially in the real estate industry, notably when concering the speed of registering a property. Portugal has very few procedures that a new homeowner bust go through when registering a property, and the whole process only takes one day on average. For example, an investor can see an  Quinta do Lago property for sale, purchase it, go to a 'one-stop-shop' for property registration, and have the property registered in very few simple steps. This makes an Algarve property for sale, or property in any other region in Portugal, very enticing for those who want to avoid the bureaucracy headaches of other countries. In Brazil, a new homeowner must go through 14 steps to register a new property, and in Kiribati in the Pacific Islands, the process can take as long as 513 days.

Portugal has been a desirable location for sunny getaways, with many holiday home investors purchasing property for sale in the Algarve. Portugal's sunny climate, friendly and welcoming culture, and fascinating history make it an interesting and enjoyable place to live, and the local cuisine and fresh seafood is also a big attraction. It is good to know that if you find the perfect Algarve property for sale, Portugal's simplified business practices will make it that much easier for you to register your new purchase.

Article By Natalie Windsor

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