Cape Verde, a Short Haul Flight to Tropical Paradise

16 June 2011

One of the most overlooked strengths of the Cape Verde archipelago is its being a tropical paradise within a short-haul flight of the UK. While everyone enjoys going on holiday, most of us don't relish the thought of a long flight, and Cape Verde is perfectly placed to offer a tropical holiday that's just a few short hours away.  It's a little over five hours flight from the UK, but it feels like a world away.

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for winter sunshine and there is no reason why it shouldn't become as popular Egypt's Red Sea Riviera.  Tourism numbers are steadily increasing, as are the number of international flights, and of course the need for accommodation.  Although the recent economic downturn did slow the number of developments in Cape Verde, there is still a good selection of properties to choose from.

When it comes to buying property in Cape Verde, like most places, foreign buyers can choose to buy on the domestic resale market, or an internationally marketed resort property. The former will likely be cheaper, especially if one sacrifices prime amenities and location, but ultimately the latter is the best option for foreign holiday home buyers, because resort properties make better holiday homes, and better rental properties.

A resort property is far more likely to have a large range of facilities, and to offer a hands-off investment opportunity that provides rental income while allowing the owner to use the property for a specified amount of time each year.

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