Cape Verde Anticipates Tourism Boom in the Coming Year

15 April 2011

The Western African island of Cape Verde is expected to experience a rise in popularity this year. After having been featured by Lonely Planet as a hotspot destination, the islands are becoming the newest tropical sunshine getaway for travellers all over the UK, Europe and even the USA.

Showcasing What Cape Verde Has to Offer

At the moment, over 330,000 tourists travel to Cape Verde every year, and the official government tourist organization of the islands is working hard to increase this number. New international airports have recently opened in Santiago, San Vincente, and Boa Vista, with weekly direct flights from Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester. The improved flight service is making it easier and faster for tourists from the UK to escape for a holiday in Cape Verde.

World class brands are investing in Cape Verde tourism, and the government have also invested a great deal into tourism and infrastructure to develop the islands and make them more comfortable and welcoming for visitors and investors who own Cape Verde property.

Why Do Tourists Love Cape Verde?

Located only 455km from Senegal, this island archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean has plenty of raw beauty and adventure to discover. The capital city of Praia was built in the 15th century, and has recently been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mount Fogo, a huge volcano on Fogo Island offers a challenging and scenic trek for avid hikers. Boa Vista is famous as a location for observing the rare Sea Turtle. On the island of Sal, visitors can enjoy bathing in the natural salt baths. Average temperatures are an enjoyably warm 25-29 degree Celsius and rains are infrequent. The ecosystems on each of the islands are completely unique, with flat and barren desserts in Sal to cloud-capped mountains in Santo Antao, as well as black volcanic sand beaches, high cliffs, and turquoise lagoons.

Cape Verde is only a five hour flight from the UK, and yet offers visitors a completely exotic and deeply memorable experience.

What This Means for Property Investors

The continuing growth of tourism in Cape Verde bodes well for those considering investing in Cape Verde property. The islands were recently featured as a top property investment location on "A Place in the Sun", a UK Channel 4 reality TV programme about overseas investment.

At the moment, Cape Verde property is still relatively inexpensive and in the early stages of development, so this is the opportune time to make a purchase.  As the island grows and develops, and becomes a world class tourist destination, homebuyers will see the value of their Cape Verde property increase. There is at least a 70% increase in property value over the next 24 months expected.

The islands have a multi-party, stable democracy and are very supportive of foreign direct investment. There is a possibility that Cape Verde might even become part of the European Union.

Also, the strong tourism draw of these beautiful islands means that owners of Cape Verde property are likely to have success renting out their property when they are not using it. Many people who own property abroad choose to rent it out to other holiday-goers so that they can earn an income from their investment. Cape Verde propertyis very suited to this, as these perpetually warm tropical islands will always bring a steady stream of potential renters.

Cape Verde's Time to Shine

The belief is widely held that Cape Verde is on the brink of a huge economic boom. The investment in tourism, improved flight services and the increase in foreign investment is making it possible for the island to blossom into a high-class tourism destination. Cape Verde seems likely to become Europe's first popular tropical African tourist destination.

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