Cape Verde Becoming Popular Place to Retire

11 January 2011

Many Brits are dreaming of retiring to a sunnier climate and leaving the cold and snow behind in their golden years. A recent study has shown that a third of British current and potential overseas homeowners plan to retire abroad. Nearly 75% of homeowners between the ages of 30 and 50 say that they would definitely consider permanently leaving the country. Another study surveyed more than 2,600 British adults, and one in every eight stated that they did not enjoy the lifestyle in the UK and believed that they would be happier living overseas.

There are many warm hotspots where retirement real estate is popular, including the Cape Verde islands. Property experts are pin-pointing Cape Verde as one of the most popular places to retire. Many older investors are becoming very interested in property for sale in Cape Verde with the intention of spending their retirement there.

This West African archipelago attracts these senior homebuyers for a number of reasons. One of the advantages of investing in a property for sale in Cape Verde is that the islands have the tropical weather and landscape of the Caribbean, while being much closer to home for British retirees. Cape Verde has plenty of European influences which add to its distinct culture, and it is stable politically and has a strong economy. British pensioners are also attracted to property for sale in Cape Verde because there is a relatively low cost of living here compared to the UK. This allows people to collect their pension and live much more cheaply, and in a very luxurious location with a fantastic climate. The islands are also in the same time zone as the UK, and only a short flight away. This means that overseas retirees have the option to easily come home to visit friends, family and grandchildren.

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