Cape Verde: Govt. Plans for Boa Vista to Boost Property Market

03 June 2011

Boa Vista is a Cape Verde island that also has the nickname the Island of Dunes, most likely because of its flat and desert like interior. It's the third largest island in the Archipelago of Cape Verde and is currently being developed by the government as a tourist destination.

An international airport was opened on the island in 2007, and much is being done to improve the infrastructure, with desalination plants, new roads and power supplies being constructed. The plan is to eventually have 30,000 hotel beds on Boa Vista, which will make tourism a major part of the economy. The island expects to receive 900,000 visitors per year by 2018.

Thus Boa Vista represents a golden opportunity to get in early to this developing tourism market. To perhaps invest into a hotel apartment development offering guaranteed yields in the early period, and larger yields as the island's tourism market grows.

At the moment Boa Vista has around 5400 residents which is just 1% of the Cape Verde population, but there have already been a number of major hotel developments on Boa Vista, as well as several private developments.

The island has some truly extraordinary beaches, with the longest being Santa Monica. This 18 km long beach is also one of the most beautiful on the island.

The island is said to be the birthplace of Morna, which is a Cape Verdean creole, so visitors can expect to find lively bars in the evenings. Although Boa Vista is being quite rapidly developed, it is being done in a sensitive manner so as not to damage the delicate ecosystem, as Boa Vista is an extremely important spawning ground for marine turtles.

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