Cape Verde Hosts the Third International Housing Fair

26 September 2011

Cape Verde is getting ready to host its third International Construction and Housing Fair which is due to be held from the 7th to the 9th October. It is organised by the Ministry for the Environment, Housing Land Planning and the Cape Verde Duty Free and Commercial Zone.


The fair aims to boost the country's economic development through encouraging the use of new technologies and construction materials in the archipelago. The fair will give priority to social housing, ways of controlling building costs and helping to improve the quality of life for the general population.


Business meetings with national real estate promoters will be held on the side-lines, as well as a number of working meetings which will analyse the development of construction in the country.


The fair is aiming to attract companies that operate in the construction industry, including those who work in technology, air conditioning, electrification, safety and communications facilities, architecture, design, hydraulic infrastructures, renewable energy and construction materials -- to name but a few.


In 2010 the fair was attended by 94 companies including 36 foreign companies from countries including Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil.

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