Cape Verde Ministers Visit Portugal to Increase Ties

11 July 2011

Cape Verde Minister for Foreign Affairs Palácio das Necessidades has met with his Portuguese counterpart Paulo Portas on the 36th anniversary of Cape Verde's independence. The dynamic duo had a working lunch to discuss bilateral relations and cooperation between Cape Verde and Portugal through the CPLP Framework. Cape Verde Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs also met with POrtas to discuss international issues of common interest.

During the meetings Portas reiterated Portugal's support to the development of the special partnership established between the EU and Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is pure paradise, and undoubtedly is tourism market is set to see continued growth as it has for the last few years, with a brief interlude of course. But that brief interlude was an important wake up call for the Cape Verde government and many like it, which had come to rely on tourism almost solely for economic growth.

This is why we are seeing more "special partnerships", more trade agreements and more international diplomatic meetings. Obviously all these increasing ties are good for us all because they make the world a friendlier place and perhaps one step closer to world peace.  Of course, when you holiday in Cape Verde you already feel like that has been achieved (at least until you turn on the TV or radio).

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