Cape Verde Receives Funding to Protect Environment

06 May 2011

Those who are considering investing in Cape Verde property can be assured that these West African islands won't lose their natural beauty anytime soon, thanks to a $7 million US investment in the environmental health of the islands.

The money comes from the Global Environment Fund, also known as GEF, which was created after several United Nations meetings on the environment came to the conclusion that funding was needed to help countries finance conservation projects. Cape Verde is one of twelve countries that have received funding to protect the environment. Cape Verde already previously received funding from GEF to the total of $7.4 million US and has used the money to complete two environmental projects on the islands. The government has yet to announce how they will use the newest injection of funds, although whatever they do will have to meet the approval of the GEF.

The funding will be received over the period of 2012 to 2015 and will go towards projects supporting the biodiversity and health of the ecosystems on the island. Once the money is given to the Cape Verdean government, they will have to present the GEF with a plan for how they intend to distribute the funds according to the three focal areas of the GEF, which are biodiversity, climate change, and soil erosion. 

A Land of Diversity

Owning a Cape Verde property on these islands means living within an abundant paradise of exotic flora and fauna. Located within the Atlantic Ocean, this collection of ten major islands is home to parrot fish, barracuda, moray eels, frigate birds, humpback whales, dolphins, geckos, skinks, porpoises and many species of turtles. Many of these animal species are rare, and Cape Verde is an important location for them either as a permanent home or as part of their migration. Cape Verde is also a last refuge for some endangered species, such as the Mediterranean monk seal, the hawksbill turtle, the green sea turtle and the northern bald ibis.

This funding from the Global Environment Fund will be very important in protecting the natural habitants of these beautiful creatures.

Cape Verde Must Grow Sustainably

Taking care for the environment will be extremely important in Cape Verde's future, as the West African island archipelago is currently experiencing a rise to fame as a popular holiday destination and overseas investment hotspot. More people are booking holidays here and purchasing Cape Verde property than ever before, and Cape Verde property developers and tour operators need to keep the natural beauty of the island intact even as they expand. Visitors are drawn to Cape Verde property because of the lush natural surroundings and beautiful beaches here, and so they need to be considered as the important assets that they are and looked after.

Those who are investing in Cape Verde property should keep the environment in mind when looking for a holiday home, and ask Cape Verde property developers and real estate agents about the sustainability of their projects. Cape Verde can still be developed into a holiday home destination as long as developers keep their efforts environmentally conscious and sustainable in order to preserve the natural balance on the islands.

The Cape Verdean government has yet to announce how exactly it will use the funding from the Global Environment Fund, but with other environmental projects already successful they are already on the right track. Likely, they realize that nature is one of their most precious interests when it comes to tourism and Cape Verde property sales, and it is in their best interests to take care of it.

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