Cape Verde - Still a Hidden Gem Unspoilt by Tourism

11 January 2011

It’s a story we have heard so many times. It begins with a lovely part of the world, perhaps an isolated tropical island, pretty and historical obscure European country, or piece of sunny Mediterranean coastline. It is relatively unknown, which means that the few intrepid travellers that venture here find themselves able to enjoy an un-crowded, un-commercialized paradise. However, when more and more people catch on to this hidden treasure, they come flocking to this new hip destination.

Soon, huge resorts are made, forests are paved into parking lots, and tourist shops line the beaches selling souvenirs. The obscure location becomes the opposite of why it was ever desirable in the first place. The location becomes a comfortable and predictable travel spot for the package-holiday types, and the more adventurous independent travellers find another spot, and the cycle begins again.

However, one of the best things about Cape Verde property is that this little island archipelago off the west coast of Africa has not yet been transformed by tourism, and due to the environmental laws that protect the island, it never will be. Cape Verde property and development is controlled by strict environmental protection guidelines so that the ecosystem of the island and the natural habitat of the wildlife here are preserved.

Cape Verde is still not very well known as a tourist location, which means that from your Cape Verde property you can walk down virtually empty beaches and feel like you have the whole island to yourself. The islands are quiet and laid back, and the peaceful pace of life creates such a tranquil atmosphere that you will forget all of the troubles and stresses you may have brought with you and simply relax into the island rhythm. Thank goodness that there are still places like Cape Verde in the world!

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