Child Safety in Your Holiday Villa

28 January 2011

Investing in a property for sale in Cape Verde is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your children. The holidays that you enjoy there as a family will form some of their most treasured childhood memories. They will absolutely love all of the beautiful beaches and fun activities that they can participate in and you will love the relaxation.

When you are planning on using the holiday home with your children, it is important to keep child safety in mind when you are looking at property for sale in Cape Verde. When you are considering which property to buy, look at it with your young child in mind and check for any hazards that might be dangerous. The property for sale in Cape Verde that you are viewing might be designed for adults, so it may lack certain safety features for children. You can look for a property for sale in Cape Verde that is childproof, or you can add these safety features yourself after you move in. These are some of the features you might consider adding:

A Pool Cover or Fence - There have been several tragic stories of young toddlers falling into an open swimming pool and drowning before their parents even realize where they have gone. If you have young children who cannot swim, make sure that your pool is covered or has a fence or barricade around it.

Child Proof Locks - These are cheap and easy to install, and can be useful to child-proof any cupboards, drawers or closets that contain dangerous objects like knives or cleaning chemicals.

Baby Gates - A plastic gate that can install across any doorway or hallway, this can restrict areas of the house that are unsafe and prevent your toddler or baby from accidently falling down stairs.

Childproofing your holiday home will give you peace of mind and let everyone in the family relax and have fun!

If you are looking for property for sale in Cape Verde, Select Resorts can help you find the home that is right for you.

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