Communicating Past Language Barriers

11 February 2011

Once you have moved into your property for sale in Fethiye and begin enjoying life in Turkey, you may encounter a situation where you are attempting to communicate with a Turkish person who doesn't speak much English. One of the great things about investing in a holiday property for sale in Fethiye is the opportunity to experience another culture, although sometimes trying to communicate past language barriers can be confusing and frustrating.


Of course, before you go to live or stay at your property for sale in Fethiye, you can teach yourself a few essential words and phrases in Turkish. You don't need to be fluent, but even the simplest words and pronouns will help you a great deal. Here are some other tips for communication:


  • Slow it Down - If someone is saying something to you that you don't understand, ask them to say it slower. They might be using words that you know, but just talking too fast for you to recognize them.


  • Put together the puzzle. If some says something to you in Turkish, don't just assume you didn't understand it. Instead, see if you can put together the clues to figure out what they are saying. Do you recognize a few key words? In the context of the situation, that might be enough to figure out what they are talking about.


  • Read Body Language - Psychologists say that 90% of human communication is non-verbal. A person's gestures, posture, facial expression, and body language can give you a huge clue as to what they are saying even if you can't understand a word they say. You can also use this to make yourself understood: if the person doesn't comprehend your words, act out your message instead like in a game of charades.


  • Use both languages - If you know how to say most of the sentence except one word say that word in English anyway and piece together a bilingual sentence. The person you are speaking to will either know the English word, or be able to figure out what you mean from the rest of the sentence.


Above all, when living or staying at your property for sale in Fethiye try your hand at the language and don't be afraid to attempt to communicate with the locals!


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