Creating an Outdoor Dining Space at Your Holiday Villa

25 February 2011

One of the main reasons why people invest in property for sale in Bodrum, Turkey is because of the incredible year round warm weather that this part of the world enjoys. And what better way to celebrate the endless Mediterranean sunshine at your property for sale in Bodrum than to enjoy a delicious meal outside in your back garden, while breathing the fresh air and the scent of the flowers and listening to the birds?


How can you create the perfect outdoor dining area at your Bodrum villa? Here are some tips:


  • Clear a space - Choose an open area where you can place your table. If you put it underneath a tree, you run the risk of having leaves, sap, or insects drop into your food!


  • Lay the groundwork - Create a patio surface with stones or tiles first, which will give you a stable and flat place to put your table, chairs and barbeque.


  • Invest in sturdy furniture - Outdoor tables and chairs take a lot more wear from rain, sun, and the elements than their indoor cousins. Make sure you buy solid items that will last you many years.


  • Create some shade - So that you can enjoy yourself even in the direct heat of the afternoon, add a sun umbrella to your table. There are many different styles, and many can be adjusted and tilted to provide shade as the sun moves through the sky.


  • Make Sure Your Barbeque is In a Safe Spot - Check that it is nowhere near anything flammable, or that it is not too close to trees or the side of the house.


The possibility of dining outside for most of the year is one of the treats that make property for sale in Bodrum so appealing. A great meal eaten in the fresh air just tastes better!


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