Customs and Culture in Spain

28 January 2011

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country with a fascinating history and a rich and vibrant culture. If you are considering investing in Spanish property for sale and relocating to Spain, you will enjoy the interesting atmosphere and relaxing pace of life here. There is lots of choice for lovely Spanish property for sale all over the country, and each region has its own special attractions to boast about. When you find that perfect Spanish property for sale, and you are getting ready to make the move, be sure to educate yourself on the local customs and etiquette of Spain. Knowing a bit about the culture will prevent you from accidently offending anyone and will help you in your dealings with the locals and with making new Spanish friends!


Here are some basic things to remember about Spanish culture:


  • In the past, Spain has been a male-dominated society. There is even a word for this chauvinistic attitude: Machismo. Recently the new generation has changed this a great deal, and women are attending universities and are represented in workplaces all over Spain. However, be aware that some older people might still hold the male dominant mind-set, so don't be too surprised when they express that to you.


  • Many people in Spain are very religious, with the most prominent religion being Roman Catholicism. While living in Spain you will likely see many religious events celebrated, and you will realize that the church is one of the most important buildings in town.


  • When you meet someone new you are expected to shake their hand. It is polite to refer to someone as Don (for a male) or Dona (for a female) followed by their name.


  • While dining, always use your utensils, even with fruit.


  • The dress code in most formal situations is quite conservative, yet stylish.



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