Decorating Your Holiday Home

25 February 2011

Once you have invested in your La Manga Club property for sale and fully moved in, it's a wonderful feeling to realize that you are now living in one of the most luxurious resorts in Europe. To make your new home special and help it stand out from all of the other La Manga Club property for sale, why not redecorate?


Decorating your holiday home in your own style can be very enjoyable, and it can really change the look and feel of the house. Here are some guidelines to create great holiday home style:


Keep it Simple


Overly ornate and complicated decor does not match with the feeling and atmosphere of a holiday home. Instead, go for an open and airy feeling to get that relaxed and sophisticated vibe. Less is more.


Design with Comfort in Mind


When it comes down to it, the holiday lifestyle also doesn't fit in with fussy furniture or a high maintenance house. Choose a casual, laid back theme and you will be able to relax and enjoy your home.


Be Inspired By the Landscape


Just look out your window at the gorgeous Spanish landscape if you are in need of ideas! Take colours from the rich sunsets or the crumbling historic ruins and incorporate them into your design.


Add a Touch of Local Culture


Why not bring in some influences from the local Murcia region of Spain. Handicrafts, paintings, wall hangings, rugs, pottery, or other artistic pieces will liven up your decor and give it a bit of authentic local culture. You can often acquire these projects directly from local artisans in the many marketplaces that take places in the villages and towns.


Now what started out as just another La Manga Club property for sale is a completely unique creation with your artistic mark on it!


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