18 January 2011

You have dreamed for years about searching for France property for sale, finding a perfectly quaint little cottage or farmhouse in the countryside and leaving your job for a new life of home-grown vegetables, hikes in the forest, and sampling delicious local wines. However, there is only one thing holding you back from your great French living adventure: You don't speak a word of French!


For those whose vocabulary doesn't extend farther than "Bonjour", the idea of relocating to a France property for sale can be dampened by fears of not being able to communicate successfully when they arrive there.  Living in a country where you don't speak the language can be intimidating and frustrating.


However, if your dream is truly to live the French lifestyle, it is important not to let this obstacle stop you from finding your dream France property for sale. There are many ways that you can improve your French. You don't need to become completely fluent, you simply need to begin with some basic vocabulary and you will learn more the longer you are there.


You can learn French in a variety of ways. Think about how you best learn in order to determine which method will work best for you. Perhaps you work better with quiet introspection and memorization, and might benefit from listening to a French language learning CD. If you prefer to learn in a social environment, why not take a French course at your local university or community centre where you can practice the language in conversation with others.


If you can, try to turn your radio and television to a French channel and leave them on in the background. This is helpful as you learn because it gets your subconscious mind used to the sound and rhythm of the language and you will find yourself starting to understand it gradually. Also, you can attach labels with the French names for some of the objects in your house, so that you will see them whenever you use them and remind yourself.


There are many more methods to learn French, and when you give it a try you will find that it is not as hard as you fear and it shouldn't be a reason to hold off buying that France. Even if your speech is not perfect, most of the French people who you meet will appreciate that you are trying and they will be patient and help you along. Good luck!


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