Dreaming of a Green Christmas? Fethiye has one of the best climates in Turkey

10 December 2010

While the cold snap that the UK has been experiencing lately makes its towns and cities look very magical and festive covered in a blanket of snow, many Brits are getting fed up with freezing temperatures, icy roads, and shivering while scraping the frost off the windscreen first thing in the morning. The growing trend in response to the cold is to spend the holiday season in a warm Mediterranean climate instead, and countries such as Turkey are seeing a huge increase in foreign investors in property.

Take a city like Fethiye for example, a seaside town at the hillsides of the Mount Mendos in Mugla Province in Turkey. Property for sale in Fethiye has been very popular, and this is no doubt due to the nearly perfect climate of this region. Day time temperatures in Fethiye reached 25 degrees Celcius last week! The summers here are long, hot and dry and the winters are short and mild. The temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees. In Fethiye especially, the rain that falls in winter makes for plenty of lush green vegetation, earning the region the nickname 'The Garden of Turkey'.

Most property for sale in Fethiye is relatively cheap compared to other similar locations in Europe, but investors are advised to act soon as Turkey's popularity is growing. Property for sale in Fethiye is predicted to bring a very impressive return on investment, and has great potential as a buy-to-let location as well. 

A green Christmas in a sunny Mediterranean climate might not be the traditional holiday experience that you are used to, however after the hundredth time slipping on the ice while trying to make it down your front walk; you might consider yourself hungry for a little Christmas Turkey!

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