Exhibition Brings a Taste of France to London

20 December 2010

For three days in January, The France Show will be held in London, England. This exhibition, held at Earls Court, celebrates Britain's love affair with France by showcasing the food, wine, travel, and France property for sale of this culturally rich nation. The exhibition is a chance to sample the finest artisanal French food and wine. There will be wine tasting information sessions held to educate the public about the specific tastes of the different wine varieties, as well as French cooking demonstrations.


Within the Language Theatre, you will have the chance to brush up on your conjugations with interactive French language lessons. Friendly travel and tourism specialists are on hand to inspire you for your next holiday in France. And, if you are considering investing in France property for sale, you can speak to the leading agents in the UK and find out more information. This is a great opportunity to learn more about property in the different regions of France, property prices and the process of acquiring it, as experts will be available to answer your questions.


France has been called the "Best Place to Live in Europe" according to the Quality of Life Index, a survey of living conditions released annually. People are attracted to the sensual, relaxed lifestyle that France provides, seeking a place where they can sit back and enjoy the finer things in life such as flavourful cheeses, sophisticated wines, and picturesque countryside. Some of the most stunning masterpieces of the 20th century have been inspired by the French landscape, such as the works of the Impressionist artists including Monet and Cezanne. It's no wonder France Property for sale has increased in popularity, considering how easy it is to fall in love with this fascinating nation.



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Written By Hannah Morris

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