Experts Recommend Investment in Cape Verde Property

20 June 2011

We learned recently that Brits had purchased 98% of the newly opened sold-out Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa, with many of them buying as part of Self Invested Personal Pensions.

SIPPs are an incentivized personal investment with a difference, in that the investor controls the creation of his own portfolio, with the ability to invest in any asset class that is suitable, from commercial or residential property to unquoted shares and more.

This control can be a gift or a curse if the management goes wrong; thank fully according to financial advisors and pension brokers most SIPPs investors opt for the more expensive SIPP program's which come with professional advice.

This means that a high percentage of those who invested in Tortuga units as a SIPP investment were advised to do so by a professional investment advisor. This comes as no surprise when you consider the facts:

Cape Verde is rapidly growing into one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. It offers a variety of climates from tropical to warm but breezy, great beaches, and comparatively low property prices, all within a short-haul flight of the UK. What's more the island's are small, and so development land is shrinking all the time. This will lead to demand far outstripping supply and people paying increasing amounts for the privilege of renting or owning a property here.

In the case of Tortuga the Resort Group International is offering rental management by tour group Sol Melia, which practically guarantees high occupancy and strong rental yields.

Phase 2 of what will become a resort village is already underway, and the 1200+ unit Dunas Beach Resort is also SIPP compliant. Contact Select Resorts now to find out more about Cape Verde property.

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