Extra Flights Established to Accommodate Tourist Increase to Cape Verde

10 December 2010

Cape Verde, an archipelago of islands off the West coast of Africa, has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination and holiday home location for British and European travellers in recent years. Cape Verde's impressive growth is being reflected in the extra flights that are being set up by several European tour operators to cope with the influx of visitors. The number of regular flights to Cape Verde has increased during 2010, and improved connections have been established to Spain and the UK. LuxairTours, a company in Luxembourg, is setting up two extra flights to Cape Verde to cope with the increased demand.

Even during the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, tourism officials still observed a solid increase in visitor numbers and investment in Cape Verde property. The Cape Verde government is supporting the tourism industry and the country is rapidly becoming a first-rate destination. The industry has offered incredibly low Cape Verde property and accommodation prices to compete with Europe, and the West African island group became a very popular winter destination for European Union members.

The infamous travel guidebook giant Lonely Planet mentioned Cape Verde recently in its book "Lonely Planets' Best in Travel", calling it the 'New Canary Islands' and praising it as one of the worlds 'hottest' destinations for 2011. The archipelago boasts a tropical climate, yet it still much closer to Europe than other tropical islands. The rugged beauty of the landscape here attracts travellers interested in hiking, windsurfing, fishing, and appreciating natures' gifts.

Experts are advising that now is the ideal time to invest in property for sale in Cape Verde, as the country is still developing and the prices will be at their lowest with nowhere to go but up. It is predicted that investors in Cape Verde property will see a very substantial return on investment in the coming future.

Written By Scott Hurley

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