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25 February 2011

The Portuguese real estate market is in a great place right now, and there are many great opportunities to find cheap holiday homes. Here are a few tips for finding the best prices on property in Portugal:


  • Search in up and coming areas - Rather than searching in the Algarve, which is one of the most prestigious and therefore expensive regions, why not look for a Silver Coast property for sale? This region is much more affordable and you will find cheaper prices on most Silver Coast property for sale. Although this region is slightly further north, Silver Coast property for sale still offers an excellent year round climate and beautiful scenery.


  • Move back from the beach - Seafront property will be the most expensive option, but as soon as you start moving inland you will see the property prices drop dramatically, even though you are only a few minutes from the water anyway. If you find a home on a hillside or mountain, you will still have sea views! The other hidden advantage of buying farther back from the beach is that your property won't be affected by salt damage!


  • Consider a 'fixer-upper'- Why not buy an older property that needs a little renovation and touching up? They can be much cheaper than new property, and it gives you the chance to give your home a custom makeover.


  • Come in when developments are almost complete - If you are buying new property, the trick is all about timing. Try to find a property development that is nearly completed. The show house might be for sale on a bargain price, or another buyer may have pulled out at the last minute, giving you the chance to negotiate with the developer to take the unit for a cheaper price.


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To find out more about our beautiful Silver Coast property for sale, take a look at the Select Resorts website today! Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

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