French Culture and Customs

28 January 2011

So you have been searching for France property for sale and daydreaming about moving to this fascinating country and living the French lifestyle. It is truly a wonderful place to live, and there is plenty of great France property for sale so you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Once you have invested in France property for sale and you are ready to make the move, it is a good idea to inform yourself on French culture and local customs before you go. It is easier to get along with the locals and make new friends if you understand their culture.


Here are some tips on the French way of life:


  • The French people are very private, and they do not share a lot of their personal life with people outside of their immediate social circle. They are outwardly polite in most of their dealings and only express their true selves with close friends and family. When you first meet a French person, keep this in mind so that you understand why they might take a while to open up to you.


  • Once you have established a friendship with a French person, this is a deep and intense relationship, and you can expect them to always be there when you need them and you should be there for them as well. Friendship involves frequent contact and lots of time spent together.


  • Friends usually say hello to each other with two kisses, one for the left cheek and one for the right. First names are only used for friends and family, so wait until you are given permission to address someone by their first name.


  • In regards to punctuality, of course try to be on time however the further South that you go in France the more flexible the attitude towards time is.


Have fun and enjoy France!


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