Gebeler Spa

11 January 2011

Those intending to purchase property for sale in Fethiye, or who are planning a vacation to this beautiful Turkish city, will find healing and relaxation at the Gebeler Natural Thermal Spa. These incredible natural hot springs might be the inspiration for purchasing property for sale in Fethiye, or simply an added bonus of living in this fascinating part of Turkey.


The Gebeler Thermal Springs are located in the southeast of Sakikent, only about 35 km from Fethiye. It was once a very important imperial spring in the days of the Lycian Kingdom, and it is still used to this day by locals and tourists alike. The natural spring waters in the spa are heated by the earth to a temperature of approximately 36-38 degrees Celsius. The pool is deep underground, at a depth of 25 meters. Due to the underground source of the thermal waters, the springs have a high content of sulphur and other minerals which many believe gives the water healing properties. The hot springs are apparently a cure for everything from skin diseases, sterility, intestinal distress, burns, open sores, rheumatism, and other distresses.


The springs are located in three different caves, where they were discovered hundreds of years ago. They are open to tourists and locals. They are the perfect relaxation environment after a long day of hiking around and looking at the many ancient ruins in this area.


The Gebeler Thermal Springs are an amazing natural phenomenon, and an experience like no other. The Turkish believe that regular baths in the hot springs will keep you healthy and young looking. Yet another reason to invest in a property for sale in Fethiye so that you can soak in the healing waters as often as you like!


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