Greece Passes Despised Property Tax

28 September 2011

Greek's desperate attempt to make sure it can draw more from Europe's rescue fund has been passed by parliament. In a vote late Tuesday in Athens the Greek parliament said yes to a despised property tax.


The tax was proposed in an emergency meeting a couple of weeks ago, and is intended to raise 2 billion euros in this year alone. However -- with the Greek population already burdened to the point of social unrest by austerity -- there are doubts over whether the people can or indeed will pay the additional tax needed to meet the forecasts.


"I know that a lot is being asked of the Greek people," said Angela Merkel in a joint news conference with the Greek Prime Minister, George A. Papandreou in Berlin.


Papandreou met with Merkel in Berlin for talks, as the latter prepares to turn public opinion as it sways increasingly against further support for the EU's indebted nations, so as to allow Germany to further support the rescue fund.


"Through the euro we are closely bound together and the weakness of one affects us all," Merkel said during the joint news conference.

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