Growing Trend of British Buyers Investing in French Property

10 December 2010

Recently, the French real estate market has caught the attention of many British property investors, who are taking advantage of current low prices. Experts have noticed a few trends in the way that British buyers are investing in property in France. Traditionally, those from the UK who have invested in French property have been drawn towards the traditional older properties, such as the crumbling old chalet or cottage that is steeped in stereotypical French charm. However, a new trend is showing an increase in the popularity of new build properties. This is due to the fact that finance is easier to secure on new build homes, and the new generation of buyers are looking for a low cost and minimum maintenance investment.


Another current trend in the real estate market is an interest in property for sale in France. With this scheme allowing investors to offset their mortgage payments by acquiring tax-free rental income, French leaseback property provides many benefits. Several investors are using their French leaseback property to create a regular source of supplementary income during their retirement years. A French leaseback property also has the advantage that it is a freehold property, and still can be sold at any time like any other property, and it can be purchased already fully fitted and furnished and rented out on a temporary basis. Essentially, the leaseback company manages your property like a hotel, taking care of maintenance and insurance and passing the earnings on to you.


One of the advantages of a French leaseback property scheme is that usually other similar properties will allow you to use their facilities under the same conditions, so you could take the opportunity to travel all around France staying at different resorts and holiday properties all over the country!


There are several options for owning French property, and according to the experts, there is no better time than now to invest.


Written by Michael Reilly


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