Holiday Home Buyers Developing a Taste for France

11 January 2011

One of the main reasons that people give for wanting to travel to or own property in France is the food. The glorious culinary history of this European country certainly makes France property for sale appealing, as the French have elevated eating and drinking to a sophisticated art form. Many British and American foodies share the dream of owning a France property for sale and shopping for fresh local ingredients at the friendly, bustling markets and preparing delicious and healthy slow-cooked traditional French food in their large country kitchens.


There are so many different regions in France, each with their own gastronomic specialty. The regional diet will be influenced by the local availability of ingredients, recipes from neighbouring countries, and history and economic conditions. For example, Burgundy is a region that has experienced economic prosperity for several centuries, and so its residents were able to each rich meat and cream sauces. In contrast, the mountain regions needed their food to last through the long and difficult winter, and so they developed very hard and firm varieties of cheese.


The Mediterranean region of France has a cuisine that features plenty of olive oil, and the use of herbs and tomatoes as the ingredients in most of the dishes. The cuisine here is quite light and uses a lot of fresh, whole ingredients and lots of sea food along the coast. In Alsace and Lorraine in the Northeast of France, the food is influenced by neighbouring Germany and includes a great deal of beer and sauerkraut and other traditionally Germany foods. Vegetables and fruits are more easily grown in the South, and therefore they show up more in the traditional dishes the further South you go.


If you are considering investing in some France property for sale, and you are looking forward to truly immersing yourself in the art of French cuisine, consider which region has the tastes and traditional recipes that make your mouth-water the most. Bon appétit!


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