Holiday Homes Are Good for Your Health

18 January 2011

We all daydream of owning a holiday home. The fantasy of escaping to a quiet Cape Verde property where you can sway in your hammock to the sea breezes and take long walks down the beach at sunset is a favourite one in many people's minds. But did you know that a holiday home, whether a Caribbean beachfront condo or Cape Verde property, can actually be beneficial for your health and longevity? Here is why:

Holiday Homes Reduce Stress.

It is clear that escaping the daily grind for a vacation is a great way to reduce the stress that builds up in your life. Many studies have shown that holidays reduce blood pressure, calm nerves, and replenish the positive chemicals in the brain. However, owning a Cape Verde property instead of staying in a hotel can make your holiday even more relaxing. Struggling to book hotels and rental accommodation can add an element of frustration to a peaceful getaway that is completely eliminated when you have a home away from home you can escape to whenever you need to, without having to book ahead.

Holiday Homes Encourage Physical Activity.

Participating in physical exercise everyday has a huge impact on keeping your body young and healthy. With scuba diving, swimming, water-skiing, swimming, hiking, and more right outside your door it is difficult not to want to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Even a romantic walk along the beach with your significant other is good for your heart rate, circulation, and overall wellbeing.

Holiday Homes Promote Social Interaction.

It has been shown that the more positive social interaction we have in our daily lives, the longer and happier lives we lead. Holidays can be great opportunities to make new friends and talk to interesting people from around the world. However, when staying in a hotel it can be hard to meet people. Living in a resort or a small community gives you a chance to get to know the other holiday home owners there and develop lasting friendships.

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