Home Insurance for Your Holiday Home

18 January 2011

As a holiday home owner, the many different options for home insurance on your holiday home can be quite confusing. Home insurance is not an unnecessary expense, rather is an essential part of owning a hope that can save you in the chance that something goes wrong. Hopefully it never will, but it never hurts to be protected.


You want to know that the property for sale in Cape Verde that you have invested in is safe and protected, but there are many unique dangers that come with owning a holiday home that make this process much more complicated than buying insurance for your primary residence. Before you finalize the deal on your property for sale in Cape Verde, make sure that you have made yourself knowledgeable about the variety of home insurance policies available so that you are better equipped to choose the best one for you.


Your property for sale in Cape Verde has some different conditions on it than your main home, because there will be periods when it is left empty, and you might be renting it out or sharing it with other holiday-goers. Make sure you find a policy that covers all of these options, and protects you whether the home is occupied, vacant, or being used as a holiday rental.


Does your policy require that the water and heating be turned off whenever the house is left unoccupied? This is important to know because restrictions such as these can cause your claim to be refused if they are not followed.


If you are struggling to find the right insurance package abroad because you don't speak the language, it is advisable to hire a lawyer or insurance broker who is bilingual and has ties in the country.


It can be a challenge to find the right insurance policy, but it is important that you do so now so that you aren't faced with a nasty surprise in the future if something goes wrong.


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Cape Verde is a beautiful, warm paradise all year round, perfect for renting out your property or enjoying blissful holidays. Contact Select Resorts for more information about our property for sale in Cape Verde!

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