How to Conduct a Preview Visit of Your Holiday Home

18 January 2011

If you are purchasing a holiday home abroad, such as a property for sale in Bodrum, it is essential that you travel to the house before you sign the final papers to conduct a preview visit. You may feel that viewing your property for sale in Bodrum on the website and speaking to the realtor over the phone is enough, however if you discover something wrong with the property after you sign, it is too late.


Here is a guide to what your preview visit should include once you have made your way down to your property for sale in Bodrum:


Conduct a detailed walkthrough.


Walk through the entire property, inside and out, and make note of anything that catches your eye. If you see something that needs repairing, now is your chance to point it out to the property seller. You can then negotiate whether they will pay for the repairs or decrease the price.


Test appliances, plumbing and more.


Turn on all faucets, flush the toilets, and check the heating and air conditioning. Make sure that all appliances are functioning well and even try running the garbage disposal unit and the fans. If there are any problems or malfunctions, bring them to the attention of the property seller.


Take photographs.


It is a good idea to bring your camera along on your preview visit. You can take photos of the property, so that if in the event that you move in a few weeks later and something has been changed, removed, or broken since then, you have visual proof that you did not agree to buy the house in that state. Likely, you will never have to use these photos, but it doesn't hurt to have them.


Luckily, some companies such as the UK based Select Resorts offer preferential rates for potential buyers travelling to make preview visits. This makes it much easier to conduct this essential step in the home buying process.


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