How to Encourage Repeat Bookings of Your Holiday Home

17 January 2011

If your main purpose for purchasing that Silver Coast property for sale was so that you could rent it out for part or most of the year, then here are some tips for you to help ensure that your tenants are happy and will want to book with you on their next holiday.

There is plenty of beautiful Silver Coast property for sale that can be rented out to holiday-goers, so you need to make yours stand out above the rest. Encouraging repeat bookings is good because your tenants will spread the news about their positive experience by word of mouth, which is the best advertising, and if they were tidy and responsible tenants you will be pleased to take them back again so that you don't have to take a risk on someone you don't know.

The best way to encourage your tenants to come back is to pay attention to the little details. Consider taking the time to put together a welcome pack for them when they first arrive at the holiday home, with all of the phone numbers of amenities that they might need, a map, a guide to local attractions, and any other important information. You can package this all up with some chocolates or biscuits and fresh flowers, and this kind and friendly touch will be very memorable for your guests and will create a positive impression of you in their minds.

Once they have moved in, be a caring and attentive landlord. Make sure that everything in the house is functioning properly, and if it isn't ensure that it is repaired quickly. Make sure that the house is cleaned thoroughly as well before renting it out, because this is noticed and makes a bit difference on the perceived value of the home.

Now that you have decided to rent out your Silver Coast property for sale, if you take good care of it and your tenants you will have plenty of repeat bookings and a great reputation.

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