How to Keep In Touch From Abroad

28 January 2011

You have always dreamed of moving to Portugal, and now you have found your ideal Algarve property for sale and you are ready to make your dream come true. The excitement of moving to a new country and enjoying a new lifestyle will fill you with joy. However, that excitement is also combined with the fact that you will leave a lot of your friends and family behind. True, they can still come to visit you at your Algarve property for sale, but you will not see them as often as you are used to. Luckily, there are many great ways that you can keep in touch with your loved ones back home.


Here are some of the many methods that you can use to stay connected:


  • Telephone


While being one of the clearest and most reliable methods, telephone calls can also be the most expensive. To cut down on costs consider a long distance plan or a calling card.


  • Skype


Skype is a free online service that allows you to make a free call to another computer with Skype installed, anywhere else in the world. If your family and you both download this program, you can talk to each other and even see each other on webcam for free. Skype can sometimes have poor sound quality, delays and bad connections, but these seem to improve the stronger your internet connection is.


  • Email


Absolutely free, easy, and instant, email is a great way to update friends on how you are doing. You can even send out a mass email to a group of recipients to let everyone know how you are doing. The only disadvantage is that they cannot hear your voice.


Don't let the fear of losing touch keep you from following your dream of purchasing that Algarve property for sale.  Instead, stay connected with your friends and family while enjoying your new location!


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