Interview Questions for Prospective Holiday Home Tenants

17 January 2011

There is a growing trend of investors purchasing Mallorca property for sale and then renting it out for all or part of the year to holiday-goers. These clever investors are earning a steady rental income from their Mallorca property for sale and also have the opportunity to enjoy the property themselves whenever they desire. This is truly one of the most profitable ways that you can benefit from investing in a Mallorca property for sale.

However, renting out your property does not come without challenges. One of the biggest challenges is to find good quality, trustworthy and responsible tenants. If you have invested a great deal into your Mallorca property for sale, you don't want to rent to someone who will damage it in any way or won't be reliable for paying rent.

Here are a few questions to ask your prospective tenants to determine whether they are the right match for your property:

Do you smoke/have pets?

This can be an important issue to clear up right away so there is no confusion. State clearly in your contract the rules about smoking and pets so that your tenant is aware of what is ok.

Who will be using this property?

You might think that you are renting out your holiday property to a quiet couple, until their friends show up and stay there every night hosting huge parties. That might be ok with you, but it's always good to know in advance so that you can discuss it.

Tell me about any previous rental experience.

Your prospective tenants should be able to provide you with a reference or two for places that they have rented in the past. Call their previous landlords and find out whether they paid their rent on time, or left the property damaged. Ask if the landlord would rent to the tenant again in the future.

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