Investors in Silver Coast Property Drawn to Charm of Traditional Portugal

10 December 2010

When you close your eyes and picture Portugal in your mind, what do you see? If the image that comes to your imagination is the traditional one of little old ladies with dresses and knee-high stockings leading their donkeys laden with handicrafts to the market, fisherman working hard in the harbour, and the colour and rhythm of traditional song and dance, then you will probably be happiest looking at Silver Coast property for sale when considering a Portuguese holiday home. The Silver Coast region has been unspoiled by tourism and development, and truly gives one the experience of authentic Portugal that is less prominent in other, more tourist-focused regions.


The Silver Coast is the less commercialized Portugal, with tiny villages, farm land and fishing ports instead of massive resort complexes. Real Portuguese food is served here, and people speak their own language. The locals are welcoming and friendly, and the quaint villages and beautiful coastline make it a very pleasant place to live. Another advantage to investing in Silver Coast property for sale is that homes here are usually only about half the price of those in the Algarve or other more touristic regions of Portugal. If you are interested in experiencing what the culture of the country is really like, rather than simply enjoying a resort specifically built for tourists, the Silver Coast offers the chance to really get to know Portugal.


Before investing in a holiday property, it is very important to consider what you are looking for in the experience of being there. The larger resorts such as in the Algarve are perfect for those looking for the luxury tourist experience; however those looking for a cheaper price tag and a taste of authentic Portuguese life should consider a Silver Coast property for sale.


Written by Hannah Morris


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