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16 April 2013

Perhaps surprisingly, Hungary is one of the 30 most popular tourist destinations in the world – attracting 10.2 million tourists a year. Popular with both business and leisure travellers due to its location and history, it is a fantastic location for both conferences and holidays. More recently however, the country has also been seeing a surge in tourists combining their sightseeing with medical treatments. The draw of the lower costs, shorter waiting times and the fact that treatments may not be available an individual’s own country are all driving the growth of this market in Eastern Europe.

A new resort development has tapped into both the potential of the location of Eastern Europe, as well as the growth of the tourism and medical tourism market. Benefitting from Europe’s only thermal salt spa, the Saloc International Resort & Spa has a very unique offering as the waters are reported to be some of the most medicinal in the world. As such, the government of Hungary have appointed this particular project as one of ‘high significance’.

Investors have been jumping at the opportunity to invest in the resort, which is being promoted by Select Resorts. Michael Reilly, the company’s marketing director assesses why;

“It’s a great time to invest in Hungary. The country’s shown resilience during the global economic downturn, with the tourism market showing consistent growth. The Saloc Resort exploits the benefits of two expanding markets within the country, this combined with guaranteed returns on investment makes Saloc a really attractive offer – I’m sure the development will be sold out very soon.

The numbers really do stack up too, as this particular investment offers a net income of £89,675 over 10 years and with a 35% deposit and 0% non-status developer finance, it’s widely accessible to both large and small investors, so we’re seeing interest from a wide variety of people.”

The Saloc Spa & Golf Resort boasts 254 suites and combines the activity, luxury and history of a holiday to Europe, as well as the relaxation and health benefits of the area’s thermal salt waters. As such, the resort presents a year round tourist destination that will cater to couples, families and active holidaymakers alike.

Based in Egerszalók, around an hour from Budapest, the resort is sat within 7 hectares and surrounded by trees, greenery and stunning landscapes. Guests will be sure to enjoy countless cycling and walking opportunities as well as the facilities of the resort, which include an 18-hole championship golf course, a tennis academy, health & wellness spa, petting zoo, fishing and horse riding. The resort also enjoys the fruits of the Egar wine region which is located on the resort’s doorstep.

Savvy investors are jumping at the opportunity to invest in Hungary and capitalise on the resort due to the strength of the market and the high level of potential and with a number of profitable exit strategies on offer – including a 125% buyback option in year 10 it’s not hard to see why. With 4 weeks personal usage per annum included in the purchase, individuals have the opportunity to benefit from the region’s waters too.

To discover more about this development and the potential of the medical tourism market, please feel free to click here and download the Saloc Resort & Spa development brochure.

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